A Kind-Hearted Wrestler Asks His Biggest Fan To Prom! What Happens Next Is Heart-Warming!


Ace Perry is still in his early twenties. Perry, a young wrestler in Indiana, pulled on the Internet’s heart strings when he asked his biggest fan, a young girl on the spectrum named Amanda, if he could be her date for prom!


The moment happened during a match (Amanda never misses a match) where, in front of the whole audience, Ace Perry asked her to prom in the only way he knew how: in the tough, awesome way of a wrestler! You have to see this footage; it’ll make your whole soul happy! But this is just half of the story…

The other half of the story is that Ace followed through on his promise. A lot of people thought that his question was just a big publicity stunt to get Perry some good press, but then Perry posted pictures on his Facebook account. He not only took Amanda to prom, but he also wore a suit! Well, except for his shoes…


Ace Perry is such a sweet guy to do this for someone he didn’t know. He really cares about his fans! 

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