Sensory Processing Disorder Is Common Among Those On The Spectrum. But What’s It Like?

Amethyst is a young woman on the spectrum who hosts a series called “Ask An Autistic” on YouTube, where she explores different facets of the autism spectrum.

In this episode, she talks about Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), which is a common struggle among children, teens, and adults with ASD.

Amythest answers a number of questions you may have wondered at some point in time, such as “What is Sensory Processing Disorder?” “Can a person have SPD but not have Autism?” and “What is it like to have SPD?”

We all know the five main senses—taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight—but did you know there are more?

Amethyst delves into two senses that are not often discussed—the proprioceptive sense and the vestibular sense—and how they’re affected by SPD.

Take a look at this interesting and informative video to learn more about sensory processing disorder!

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