This Little Sweetie Has Severe Autism, And Music Is A Big Help — Especially “Frozen” Duets With Daddy!

Portland is an adorable 3-year-old on the spectrum. He is nonverbal and was diagnosed with severe autism when he was 2, but he has made a whole lot of progress thanks to the power of both music and sing-a-long books. His favorite right now? Frozen, of course!

Listen as Portland and his father sing “Love Is An Open Door.” Take a look!

It may seem crazy, but music therapy can actually be very, very helpful for some individuals on the autism spectrum. If you’re not aware what music therapy is, it’s the use of music to facilitate non-musical goals. For people on the spectrum, it can build social skills, cognition, and fine and gross motor skills. Want to learn more about this type of therapy? Check out this video, in which a certified music therapist discusses the benefits of it!

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