PBS Independent Lens Asperger’s Syndrome: Today’s Man

If you heard a child was learning Italian fluently by the age of 5 or could tell you the actual day of the week you were born by just giving them your birthday, some may think, this child is unbelievable! But in reality, Nikki, now an adult, had many talents but also had a one-track mind that led to social awkwardness and obsessive behaviors. Nikki was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Watch this intimate look into independent film maker, Lizzie Gottlieb’s life with a brother on the autism spectrum. You’ll get a closer look into what it’s like for adults to live with high-functioning autism and compare what it’s like to have a mind that can multi-task versus a person with Asperger’s, who’s mind will be going in just one direction at a time no matter what type of situation they’re in.

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