Incredible! A Freak Car Accident Jolted A Young Boy With Autism To Finally Speak.

When Nikko Tolman was eight years old, a 17-year-old drunk driver crashed his car into the side of Nikko’s house — pinning him underneath it.  When the medics arrived, Nikko had no pulse.

He was rushed to the hospital. As his mom was sitting by his bedside holding his hand, Nikko looked at her and said, “Mom, don’t cry.”

For a nonverbal boy on the spectrum, speaking those three words was close to miraculous. And Nikko hasn’t stopped speaking since!

Now, we are absolutely NOT advocating that you try anything like this if your child is nonverbal. Please do not! The fact that Nikko got hit by a car is absolutely awful—no child (or person, for that matter!) should have to go through that. We’re just happy to know that he’s alive and safe and sound!

But we find the results of his accident totally fascinating, and that’s why we’re sharing it with you.

Watch the video to learn more about this extraordinary story!

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