New Website Encourages Brain Tissue Donation

Research has long confirmed that the brains of those with autism undergo abnormal development, but little is known about the underlying cellular, molecular and genetic causes. According to Autism Brain Net, an association created to advance the scientific understanding and treatment of autism, studying brain tissue from individuals with ASD is the only way to truly understand “the fundamental genetic and neuropathological aspects of ASD.”

Unfortunately, a severe shortage of brain tissue has hindered the pace of autism research in recent years, and a new donor registration website is stepping in to address the shortage. It Takes Brains is spreading the word about the importance of brain tissue research in the fight to cure autism, and encourages families affected by autism to register as future donors.

In honor of the site’s official launch in May 2014, registered donors Christine and Mark Matthews shared their experiences as the parents of a child with autism, as well as the importance of shifting the focus within the autism community toward supporting research.

Check out the video to hear what the Matthews have to say and consider registering with It Takes Brains.

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