“My Job Chart” App Teaches Important Life Skills

An innovative new money management website designed for kids is becoming an encouraging life skills tool for children on the autism spectrum.

Through it’s free online chore chart and built-in rewards store, My Job Chart motivates kids to be responsible, learn the value of a dollar, and see the connection between their work and it’s rewards. Parents of kids with autism are finding the site a godsend, offering a fun and effective tool for communicating important life skills to their kids in a way that makes sense to them.

In a recent blog post for, Denise Hines, mother of Ian, a young man with autism, explains how My Job Chart has enabled her to connect with her son in an exciting new way:

“It was so awesome to watch Ian begin to make the connection, to begin to understand, on a limited basis, the concept of cause and effect. With this tool, we were able to give Ian what he viewed as most comfortable and safe–routine and order–while at the same time teaching him concepts that would help him be able to achieve the independence he so desired.”

Watch this video to learn more about this new technology’s exciting potential.

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