Watch This Video About the “Mild” End of the Spectrum — It May Change Your Perspective


When many people think of “mild” or “high-functioning” autism, they may picture someone who faces far fewer challenges than someone on the more severe end of the spectrum. But that is not always true. Sometimes people with “high-functioning” autism simply face different challenges.

People on the spectrum, even those who are “high-functioning,” can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the outside world. Social situations are complex and confusing, ambient sounds are unfiltered and disruptive, and the thoughts and emotions of others are unknown and indecipherable. It might be difficult to understand what a loved one with autism is going through, but it’s still possible to imagine it.

This video goes into detail into what it might be like to live with “high-functioning” autism. Of course, every individual is different, but this offers one perspective.

What sorts of behavior of “high-functioning” autism are you familiar with? How about what kinds of behavior you observe the most? The world for a child with autism can be overwhelming and it is up to us to understand it and educate others.

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