The Autism Version of “Let It Go” Is Better Than the Original!


Sarah, aka “ZebraGal,” did a cover of the hit song “Let It Go” from Disney’s wildly popular animated movie, Frozen. She changed the lyrics to reflect what it’s like living with an autism diagnosis…and coming to accept that.

Her explanation, per the YouTube page:

[This song] also goes out to everyone on the AS spectrum, especially the girls, and especially the girls that weren’t diagnosed until adulthood. This song reflects mostly how I felt growing up – being stared at when I had a bad meltdown, people not understanding me, etc – though most of it still applies to my life now. I hope it’s relatable to other Aspies/Auties! I’m not a professional singer or pianist, so please no hate!

The lyrics come up on the video as she sings, so you know exactly what she’s saying.

Listen to Sarah’s version, and get inspired! This is so fantastic! Gotta love her Doctor Who shirt, too!

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