Jack Black And Wyatt Isaacs Take The Stage And Rock For Autism!

When Wyatt Isaacs and Stephen Stills wrote and produced the song “Sensitive,” Wyatt, who has autism, had no idea that he would eventually be rocking out with Jack Black!

The Miracle Project supports children with autism and other disabilities through art and music, giving them a creative outlet for communication, energy, and creativity. To help raise money for this awesome program, Wyatt took the stage with Stills and Black to perform his song at the Autism is Awesomism benefit concert in Los Angeles.

In the video you can tell that Wyatt and Jack are a little nervous before they get on stage…which is totally normal!…but once they get up there, the fun they have is palpable. And it’s totally contagious, too!

Watch till the end to see Wyatt and Jack Black dancing as they perform! This is really awesome!

What are your/your child’s dreams? Share them with us in the comments!

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