How Tablets Are Helping Those On The Spectrum

Utilizing specialized apps on tablets and iPads can be a fantastic communication tool for those on the spectrum. An iPad has certainly helped Jackson, a young boy with autism who, up until a few months ago, was non-verbal. Now he uses an iPad to voice what he’s trying to say — which will hopefully be a stepping stone to eventually using his own voice. His mother says that since Jackson started the therapy with the iPad, he has shown amazing growth in how he interacts.

Dr. Carol Luzzi, a developmental pediatrician, is such a believer in the technology that she will loan tablets to patients who don’t already have one. “The children actually start to talk faster,” she says. “This is a once-a-decade kind of change in my practice.”

Recently, Jackson was able to read a book at school, and also had a line in a musical — all with the help of his iPad. Watch the video to hear from his mother and his therapists, and to learn more!

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