17-Year-Old with Autism Shares What It’s Like to Live in Her Body and Encourages Parents Not to Lose Hope


Taylor Morris was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum when she was two years old.

“It was akin to being trapped,” she says about having to be taught all the social skills that were supposed to come naturally to her. She remembers being on a swing, one of her favorite things as a two-year-old, and having a therapist stop the swing in an attempt to get her to ask for more. She knew that she wanted to keep swinging and she knew the therapist wanted something from her, but she found herself unable to do what was asked of her.

Taylor still lives in her own little world and experiences a social disconnect between herself and most other people. Other people are not sometimes unsure how to interact with her, and she has trouble understanding what’s so “different” about her. “I’m normal to myself,” she explains.

Taylor also struggles with certain tactile and auditory sensitivities. But she’s come a long way at age 17 and now knows how to help other people understand her disorder and learn to accept her the way she is. She’s an excellent student, athlete, and artist and has a bright future ahead of her!

Watch Taylor’s experience with autism in the video below.

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