Watch as Virgin Australia Airlines Makes a Young Plane-Lover’s Dream Come True!

It is eight-year-old Lucas’s dream to join the Virgin Australia flight team. This young man is an expert on giving their pre-takeoff safety demonstration, and he practices it at home for his family.

Before he and his family went on a vacation to Bali, Virgin Australia decided to do something amazing: they made his wish come true by inviting this adorable and passionate boy to be an honorary flight attendant for a day!

When Lucas arrived at the airport with his family, he got a model airplane, and his family were the first guests on board.

He then was able to conduct his very own safety demonstration with his very own safety demonstration kit (we sure hope he got to keep it as a special souvenir)!

Needless to say, he did a fantastic job with it. Check out the video, and you will see exactly what I mean!

It is a heartwarming story. We are so proud of you, Lucas!

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