Groundbreaking! Is This a Major Turning Point in Autism Research?

There’s newfound hope on the horizon for those with autism and their families. Two major studies conducted through the combined efforts of dozens of labs across the world have identified more than 100 genes’ association with autism spectrum disorders. 14,000 DNA samples were used in the groundbreaking study that scientists are calling a significant turning point in the quest to understand the inner workings of autism.

Of particular interest to those involved in the study is the de novo mutation–one which occurs  in an egg or sperm cell’s genes, or those mutations which take place directly following fertilization. Further understanding of what the de novo mutations do and how they work should lead to physicians’ abilities to detect the disorder earlier in children then prescribe an appropriate treatment plan, which could include drugs designed to combat the patient’s specific de novo mutation.

Watch this video to find out more about this amazing study and what it means for those affected by autism!

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