Finally, A Reality TV Show That Honors the Autism Community!

Reality television over the decades has devolved into something increasingly self-parodic at the expense of its self-awareness. Fortunately for us viewers, television trends have resulted in executives at the UK’s Channel 4 picking up a show that seeks to tip the scales in the other direction: The Autistic Gardener.

The show’s star is Alan Gardner — a high-functioning master of self-aware deadpan. Gardner leads a crew of five fellow gardeners — by profession, not by name — all of whom are on the autism spectrum, and each of whom brings his or her own unique skill-set.

With the help of Victoria, Thomas, Philip, James, and Charles, Gardner horticultures through the neurotypical world — with plenty of tension and communicative challenges along the way — to bring an artistic touch to England’s most neglected gardens through the power of autism.

Check out the trailer below!

Find out more about the show, the crew, and the gardens at The Autistic Gardener homepage.

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