This Software Company Is Out to Prove That Employees on the Spectrum Are Amazing!

It is a truly terrible fact that the unemployment rate for those on the spectrum is so high…far too high. Though they are incredibly talented and have so much to offer the world, their lack of social skills often impedes them from finding work…even if social skills aren’t very important to the job they’re applying for.

Luckily, SAP Software recognizes that people on the spectrum have many of the talents that they are looking for. That includes attention to detail, attention to patterns, intelligence, and a sharp memory.

As a result of their unique skills, these incredible individuals on the spectrum have turned out to be some of the most important people in their company!

Seeing a gigantic company recognize something that many of us have known for years is uplifting and gives a great deal of hope to those with a loved one on the spectrum.

Take a look at the amazing opportunities and work that SAP is providing!

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