Who Knew That Our Furry Friends Are So Similar To Those With Asperger’s?

Asperger’s Syndrome is a mild form of autism characterized mainly by social difficulties. Those with the disorder may also have restricted interests.

Maybe you already know that. But have you ever thought about how similar people with Asperger’s are to cats?

Because it turns out there are actually a lot of parallels!

Based on the best selling kids’ picture book All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome by Kathy Hoopmann, this video is a sweet look at the similarities between folks with Asperger Syndrome and our sometimes aloof feline friends. We think it’s purr-fectly adorable!

And of course, as we love our feline friends just the way they are, we also love people with Asperger’s just the way they are, too. Because both are simply amazing and wonderful.

What do you think of this video? Do you agree with the parallels they draw? Let us know in the comments!

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A. Stout is a Whovian, Potterhead, study abroad alumna, and animal lover. A native to West Michigan, she dreams of publishing novels and traveling all over the world.